Chi square help


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Dear All,

I would like to ask for your help. I have a problem that I could not solve.

The problem is the following: There are A, B, C ... (total: 30) effects of a product on health. We investigated, whether there is an effect of physical properties of this product (size, szape etc.). These effects on health is highly subjective, therefore it made sense to ask this question in a study.

The subjects received a list of these 30 possible effects and photos of the product indicated with different physical properteis (with differnt size, color etc.). They had to assign one of these photos to each effect (e.g. the big red product has the effect C).

I made a chi squre test but it said only if there was a significant effect. To see which frequency deviates significantly a sinple chi squre was not enough. Could you please advise me what I should do to see which properties caused the significant effect?

I hop I could explain my problem properly :)

Best wishes

Daniel Fodor
Could somebody advise me how to test if I have a variable with 20 possible values and I want to know which value frequency deviates significantly from the expected frequency? I use spss and R.

Please help.