chocolate or vanilla ice-cream?


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If I wanted to determine whether people of a certain town preferred chocolate or vanilla ice-cream how would I conduct this test statistically?

1. I expect I would run a survey asking individuals of that town to select either chocolate or vanilla as their preferred choice.

2. The resulting data would be a set of preferences (either A. "chocolate" or B. "vanilla"). I could then use the mode to determine the most common answer - however this would not tell me whether the most common answer is significant enough to make a generalised statement about the town’s preference.

How would I then use inferential statistics to determine whether this preference is significant enough to validate the hypothesis that chocolate (or vanilla) is the preferred ice-cream for the town? Would the Mann-Whitney U test be the right statistical test to use in this case?

Please help – this is a simplified question to help me understand which statistical test to use in my actual research.