Choice of test

Hi all,

I have data, per year, of product consumption (expressed in Define Daily Dose, WHO category) and the product efficacy (in %). From what I understand, I have only quantitative continuous variables but please, let me know if I am wrong.

I want to know if:
1) there is a significant evolution of product consumption over time
2) there is a significant evolution of product efficacy over time
3) there is a link between the evolution of consumption and the product efficacy

I am using JMP stat but I am quite confuse to choose the appropriate test.
For the two first question, I am now using an analysis called: "Fit Line" which means fit a regression line to the data.
It give me the following result with an analysis of variance:

It sounds ok for me but can you please confirm it is?

Also, i am completely lost with my third question...can you please help?

Many thanks and kind regards,