Choice of test

Hi all,
I'm currently inputting the results for my dissertation on 'the effects of caffeine ingestion on repeated sprint performance post-fatigue'. My dependent variable is sprint time (7 x 30 m sprints) and my independent variable is the condition (control, caffeine and placebo). I have already performed a repeated measures ANOVA to check for significance between the conditions (having already calculated the averages for all 7 of the sprints for each condition), and no significant difference was found.
However, I now want to run a test that checks for significance between conditions for each of the 7 individual sprints. My first thought was to run a further 7 separate RM ANOVAS for each of the sprint points, but I have read that this may lead to increased risk of Type 1 errors.
Does anyone have any suggestions on if this is okay or if there would be a better test to run for this?

Thanks in advance!