Choosing the right dataset

Hi ! I need to choose a good dataset with at least two variables because I'll need to compare them by calculating measures of association, performing two-sample tests and maybe doing a nonparametric regression on R, ... Therefore, I was thinking about choosing a dataset about COVID 19 because it's an important topic these days. But I don't know which variables are interesting for me to compare :confused:

Do you have any idea ? Or another example of dataset and variables that I can choose for comparing them on R ?

Thank you for reading me and thanks for those who'll reply to my post ! ^^


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Depending on what they are looking for you could look at sex versus case fatality rate or race distributions in communitty versus thus testing positive. Lots of covid-19 question s out there.


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SES (social economic status) and age are two obvious variable to look at. I do not know where you will find a reliable data set on this. I would not compare across countries because of data problems.