Clinical Data Analysis in R for significant difference between 2 groups

Hi everyone. So I am doing a data analysis between variables of 2 groups to find a significant difference between them. I used the Games Howell test to find the difference as both groups have unequal data size. Now I would like to tabulate a table with all the results and values, but I am confused about how should the table look like. I will attach the Games Howell test results here :

n Mean Variance
Group1 19 95.58947 293.9088
Group2 15 71.15333 117.5712

t df p
1:2 5.061622 30.72144 1.841903e-05


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I would report the group mean difference with confidence interval. If interval excludes '0' then evidence beyond chance for for difference, given the project did not have any systematic differences and ideally group assignment is randomized or subjects between groups are exchangeable.