Combine several between-two-groups tests into one single analysis

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I am struggling with the following and hope someone can help me:

If have an SPSS dataset with data from a survey conducted among students from several universities. The dependent variable is a score on intercultural sensitity. In my first analysis, the independent variable is whether the students study in Dutch (local language, together with other locals) or English (second language, in an international classroom setting). For every university, these groups study the same programme, except that it is in different languages / different classroom settings.

Now I want to see if there is a sig. difference between the intercultural sensitivity score between those two groups wihtin universities, but aggregated as a single result across all universities. So instead of saying group A scores higher than group B at university 1 & group C scores higher than group D at university 2 etc., I'd like to get one analsyis that compares the IC score between those who study Dutch and those who study English (but the scores only being compared between students of the same university in order to rule out other independent variables that could have an impact such as university environment).

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You might perhaps want to have a look on analysis of variance (ANOVA), in particular two-way ANOVA (multifactorial ANOVA with 2 factors).

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