Combined Odds Ratio

Hi all,

I wonder how a combined Odds Ratio in a logistic regression with multiple predictor variables can be calculated?
I somehow only get the single OR for every variable. If I'd like to know the impact of three variables altogether (let's say the combined chance of men, driving at night and on urban roads being seriously injured...) how would I do that within SPSS?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Not a robit
Well if all of the variables are in the model, when you get an OR it is controlling for the other variables. So it likely sets the values to the reference group for them. If you are looking to get specific ORs, you will likely need to use an estimate statement in SPSS, if it has one -or - perhaps score an example using the output coefficients from the model. You may need to provide us with a specific example and your model output for particulars.