compare groups and examine relationships

1.I am planning to examine the level of user engagement of participants playing a particular computer game, that has two versions, one in color and the other one in black and white. I understand that I can conduct a one way-within subject test ANOVA to compare the means of the two groups, and see if there is a significant difference between the two groups. Since it is one independent var (interface) with two levels (color and B/W), there is no point in conducting a post-hoc. Please clarify.

2. User engagement consists of the following categories: perceived aesthetics, perceived usability, endurability, novelty, focused attention and felt environment.
After collecting data, I want to devise the group into low and high perceived aesthetics and perceived usability, and compare these two groups, with the other two groups (low and high Focused Attention). What is the best approach in this case? Do I need to conduct an ANOVA and a Regression analysis?
Kindly advise