Comparing deaths with reportings


For my dissertation I am looking at how "Superbugs" are represented in the Media, and how the media's portrayal of them has caused some hysteria over them due to the inaccuracies surrounding the reporting of such "Superbugs".
For a section of my dissertation, I am looking at, despite the fact that C. difficile causes more deaths each year, MRSA is more frequently reported in the National Newspapers.
I've rattled my brain for the statistical tests Ive had to use - I understand it's not Fishers or Chi or anything like that.. but have no idea what Stats test I should perform.
Basically, all I need is to show that there is a difference, and I'm not sure how I'd go about doing this. My stats isn't that great.

I have uploaded the data I have as an attachment. From which you can see that there is a significant difference between the sets of data.
I'm just really stuck as to what statistical test I should use to show this significance?

I'd really appreciate any help, my statistics isn't the best!

Thank you so much.