Comparing group differences with count or proportion data [SPSS/Excel]

Hey my fellow stats-enthusiasts,

I have quite some experience in inferential statistics, but I was currently given a task which I do not know how to deal with, even though I assume it to be quite easy (I think I am just too stupid to think of the right way to do it).

I have a table in Excel, which includes the result of several surveys. One survey-question deals with the question which people´s favorite product is. I then have the count data per gender, as well as the percentages for each product per gender. I am trying to show for which products there is a relevant difference between genders in their preference. However, I am not sure how to do this, as I do not have the complete dataset, just the outcomes. I thought about comparing them with Chi-Square tests, but as I just have the outcomes, not the raw data, I cannot do this in SPSS. I tried to create expected values in Excel and compare them with a Chi-Square, but as there are either very liked or very disliked products all gender differences between products are significant. Thus I believe that this is the wrong way to do it.

So, how can I compare either the number of men vs women who like a product, and is there a way this can be done with hypothesis-testing? Moreover, is there a way I can do this in SPSS, without having the raw data, or can this only be done in Excel (as my Excel-stats-skills are not as on point as with SPSS)?

I hope my explanation is clear, otherwise I can also upload a picture of such a table.