Comparing ratios for a tourism study

Dear talkstats members,

A tourism study is being conducted using year round boat countings in front of a same beach.
In low season (from September to June, i.e 10 months), 101 countings were carried out, with a total observation of 47 boats.
In high season (from July to September, i.e 2 months), 40 countings were carried out, with a total observation of 80 boats.
We aim to compare the boating rate at this place between high and low season.
We found in high season and low seaon, 1 boat/counting/month and 0,046 boat/counting/month, respectively, hence a relationship of 21,73 between the 2 seasons.

We would like to get confirmation that our approach is correct...
We will appreciate very much your time and help,

What are you trying to accomplish? With out knowing what your goal is, it makes it difficult to give advice on the methodology.

I do not like normalizing by months because they have different days 28, 29 sometimes, 30 or 31.
Thank you for answering !
The idea is to compare the boating rate between low and high season meaning getting an estimation about the pressure exerted on this place regarding boating. We therefore thought of comparing the number of boat per counting per month but were not sure about the way of doing it.
It would be more accurate to change this into #boat/counting/day, indeed.