Comparing skewness and kurtosis of two distributions

Until now, I knew that if skewness=0 and kurtosis=3 it means the distribution is as symmetric/as tall as the normal distribution. But in SPSS you have to compare it with 2xStandard error and if it is smaller it means that there is no asymmetry and kurtosis.
Now, my question is, how can I compare the skewness and kurtosis values of two distributions and see which one is more assymetrical, or taller? I guess I can always look at the distributions, but I will also like to have a value as to justify why one is taller than the other (other than the histogram). I have conducted a 2 independent sample K-S and reach the conclusion that they are statistically different, so now I would like to describe them.
So, does that make sense, to compare the skewness and kurtosis? And should I compare the values or the values divided by 2*standard error?