Comparing the means of 'willingness to pay' for different types of personal data

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding the comparison of means or medians. So for my research I have to compare te willingness to pay for different kinds of personal data, this for one sample. For example: the willingness to pay for not losing profile information, the willingness to pay for not losing photos etc. One sample was asked what their willingness to pay is for those different kinds of personal data.

The descriptive statistics show that depending on the type of data, the willingness to pay is different. I would like to know what statistical analyisis I have to use to be sure that the difference in the means or medians are statistically significant or not. Furthermore, my data is skewed so I assume it will have to be a non-paramatric test.

Could someone tell me what's the best statistical analysis for my situation?

Thank you in advance.

Aantekening 2020-06-10 215718.png