Comparing two factors in five areas

I recently compared two factors in five different areas testing diversity of one factor against another. (Diversity was made quantitative for comparison using the Simpsons Diversity index) I received a very strong positive correlation between one diversity against another and between areas with an ANOVA and tested for assumptions of the ANOVA. I plotted the lines on R with the different intercepts and coefficients for the gradients of the lines but I'd like a way to test between each of the five lines to see if the differences can be put down to chance with a 95% CI. They way if they all are possibly down to chance (which I dont think they will be) then I can create a general line for the five areas and if one of the areas proves to be different i can exclude it from the general line and plot it as well.

As I'm sure you can tell, I am not an expert in stats. So please phrase things simply for me.