Comparing two groups of data

Im new to this, so i wanted to get some insight. I have two groups of data based off of how often a person fell and was or wasn't injured. I want to see if there is any relationship to injury or level of injury and how many times the people fell. I am not sure how to even get started. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Data Set for people who only fell once
Single fall total: 304
Single Fall - No injuries: 227
Single Fall - Minor injuries: 66
Single Fall - Moderate injuries: 6
Single Fall - Major injuries: 8

Data Set for people who fell more than once
Multiple falls total: 204
Multiple falls - No injuries: 150
Multiple falls - Minor injuries: 50
Multiple falls - Moderate injuries: 1
Multiple falls - Major injuries: 3


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Are we talking about an injury on their most recent fall, or any of their falls for the 'multiple' group?


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What is the context of the study - why, and what for is the study undertaken?
How were data collected, how did the the research design look like?

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