confused about which model/test to use?


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Can you suggest me the regression/correlation model for the following case:

I have computed walkability index (e.g. Y) for various buildings of few neighborhoods. This index is composite variable computed based on other variables. Now I would like to see the association/correlation between this variable with the frequency (e.g. daily, bi-weekly, monthly) (Xi) of various subjects and the time (e.g. 5-10 min, 10-15 min etc) (Xii) those subjects take to go nearest facilities like shopping, hospital etc. But in the SPSS dataset I got, the responses are in category (e.g. 1=5-10 min, 2=10-15min). On the other hand, I have walkability data both in numerical value and categorical (low, medium, high).

Now, can anyone kindly suggest me how I should proceed? Would be very helpful if you kindly tell me stepwise work in SPSS.


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why don't you have a look at the following link:

it may help you to chooose the correct analysis. In the "Table of Contents for this page..." double click on the link "Selecting the right kind of analysis" and then select the first option Statistical Decision Tree. It is a great tool to help you decide which type of analysis you should use.

I hope it helps!