Connected Dot and Whisker Plot (with Histograms)


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I am wanting to make a connected dot and whisker plot, but instead of dot whiskers it has a 90 degree rotated histogram. I know I have seen these before. Doing this in R would be fine.

So on the X-axis will be an ordinal variable represented by five values (e.g., 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K) and on the Y-axis will be a rotated histogram representing the point estimate and its dispersion (histogram). Side note, the histograms will actually be based on bootstrap percentile values for the mean. We have all seen these, so something like a ridge plot rotated 90 degrees with space between ridges and ridges connected.

P.S., I will look for an example picture.
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I guess I still don't fully understand what you're asking for so if you could find an example or draw up a quick mockup that would help me.


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I kind of ran out of time and energy and went with panel histograms, but kind of like what this cookie scientist did:

But without the top part.