Convert 1-10 point scales into 0-100 point index

I am writing a paper on how racial attitudes affect voting for authoritarian populist parties. In my analysis I want to include an index for racial attitudes. This index includes 3 variables (immigration is good for economy, immigration is good for cultural life, immigrants make country a better place to live). These variables are all scaled from 1-10 points. Now I want to create the index by summing these items and standardizing them to a 0-100 point scale for ease of interpretation. I am, however, unsure on how to do this in SPSS. I would be very grateful for any tips on how to do this. Thank you!


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SPSS may have a standardize function, I am not sure? Of note, I am not referencing z-score standardization. Otherwise this is something you can do be hand given you know the min and max possible values.