Correct Interpretation of data set?


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Question 3 asks : Test the null hypothesis that, once you control for beauty, older instructors are no better than younger instructors? Use a 10% significance level

I attempted to use an F-stat to test this with model 3 being the unrestricted and model 2 being restricted but came up with a negative F -stat. To my understanding F-stats can not be negative. Re-reading the textbook, I think i was supposed to use a T-statistic for the question. In class I have only worked on problems where the standard errors are listed underneath the coefficients they are associated with. However in this data set I am seeing that it's not only SE being listed, but the variables T and P. Is this implying that those are not the standard errors and that those are the critical values and p values. Based off of that am I supposed to conduct my tests based off of those given values? IE: t=3.973>1.64 so I reject the null that h0=0?

Appreciate the help if someone could.