Correct statistical test to use

I'm a stats & SPSS novice, and I'm trying to think through a statistical testing question I have. Part of this involves using SPSS, so I apologize in advance if I should have submitted to the software thread.

My company fielded a survey composed of both a local Web panel and respondents gathered via pop-up solicitations on our Web site. I'm only interested in analyzing from the Web panel universe.

For a large number of questions, I want to compare panel respondents that are Women 25-54 with all panel respondents to see if there are significant differences between Women 25-54 on the panel and all panel respondents. For the discussion I'll assume I'm dealing with ordinal-level data (i.e. "daily", "several times a week", "several times a month", "once a month or less", "never").

My thinking is that this type of comparison would constitute a nonparametric test of paired samples, so the best test to use would be a Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-ranks test.

In order to create my variable of Women 25-54 from the Web panel in SPSS, I would need to use a Boolean operation to create the variable - would I simply use "Transform," then "Recode into Different Variables"? Is that the best way to create new groupings of the sample? I've always used "Select Cases," but that doesn't permanently change the selection. I'm not sure how I should create that new grouping to submit it for testing within SPSS.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on how to approach this.
I can't answer the statistics end of the question, but from a data management point of view, when you recode you almost always want to add a column to the table. In fact, I would recode and add 3 columns for the whole database in increments of 5 years, 10 years, and N years (Your choice for N), irrespective of sex. You'll find that the 5 and 10 year increments are very handy and the N increments can be used for "on the fly" analysis.

Since you can save the programs in SPSS easily, save the program that the recode for N and call it from the program that does the actual analysis (logistic, anova, whatever.....).

Trust me, you'll be required to modify the age ranges several times.

Good Luck


if i understood true you want compare result of Women 25-54 on the panel and another panel respondents, but before every thing ,
did you obtain score for every questionnaire ?
please answer me