[Correlation Analysis] Information on entering and analyzing Likert-scale data


I am a Psychology student seeking advice for using SPSS (version 21).

My research question is whether personality traits (extravertedness, agreeableness, etc.) relate to organisational commitment (OC). Both questionnaires are on a Likert-scale format (the personality measure has 5 Likert scale responses, the organisational commitment scale has 7), and I am using gender and tenure status (permanently/ temporarily employed) as control variables. I would like to compute a correlational analysis for whether each trait correlates with an individual's level of OC, and whether gender/ tenure affect this relationship. I've read through 3 or 4 (long) manuals, checked Google and YouTube for tutorials, etc. but I can't find the necessary steps to follow.

Could someone please help? I don't even know how to enter the data for the questionnaires.. Any advice would be immensely appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)
Thanks, SF! I've gone through the IBM SPSS manual and 2 others and my textbooks.. Ended up experimenting with what I thought was logical and I think it turned out okay, just looking for confirmation now.
Thanks again, appreciate the advice :)


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Not completely clear what you are asking for. First you say you
don't even now how to enter the data, now you say you are
looking for conirmation, but you haven't presented anything
to confirm/disconfirm?

Each variable (personality trait, gender etc. pp) receives
1 column. Each participant receives 1 row in the SPSS data
entry window.

A procedure to relate personality with OC is linear regression analysis.

Whether the relationships are moderated by gender and/or
employment status is analysed by adding interaction terms.
See http://www.public.asu.edu/~davidpm/classes/psy536/Baron.pdf
for a general outline (a bit out-dated- though), or

http://davidakenny.net/cm/moderation.htm gives some
more details.

With kind regards

Hi K,

Thanks for your reply! During the time of my first post I had no idea how to input my variables, but when I tried experimenting, I realized that nothing was working because I didn't think of it logically (for example, Likert scales might be interval/ ratio data, but for the purposes of my research, I needed to input the values as having rank, so that the higher the value=the higher the amount of that personality trait). Once I got around that, it made sense, and I was just looking for confirmation before jumping for joy. I'll check out the links you provided, I really appreciate it :)

Kind Regards,