correlation between tumor grade and staining intensity

Hello to all,

I have done some immunohistopathology work and i need to do semi quantitative analysis.

Here is the brief description of the work :
We collected grade I, grade II and grade III tumors and we stained them for specific protein. Then we ranked the staining intensity like 1 for low staining, 2 for moderate and 3 for intense staining.
Now i need to find out whether or not the tumor grade correlates with staining intensity. What kind of statistic analysis i have to do for this?

I have been reading few statistics books and i got confused and with the web there is ocean full of information. Finally i thought this is the right place to post this question.

I greatly appreciate any answer for this question.


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Do you have the raw data with exact measurements for the staining? If so, you might be able to use linear regression/correlation. Otherwise, rank correlation might be useful.

Also, the next time you make at study, remember that questions about what analysis to do should usually be straightened out before you start collecting data.