Creating a statistic for The Chase quiz show


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I run a website based on the UK version of this TV show. At the moment I use a simple statistic to rate a player's performance, basically the percentage of show's that they have won. But this isn't a great measure. Just about catching a low target of 14 is not a better performance than narrowly failing to catch a high target of 22. But with this simple statistic it rates it that way.

What I have been trying to do is create such a statistic. Based on such variables as the target, strength of opposition, accuracy of answers given, speed of answers, and so on. I can tweak weightings on these variables and get a feel of what seems quite reasonable, and it is certainly fairer than the above. But it is all just finger in the air stuff, with no statistical reasoning.

Does anyone have any ideas on how you would go about creating such a statistic?