Critical t value with .04 significance level

The problem I am working on tests a claim with a significance level of .04 and it's a left-tailed test with degrees of freedom at 84.

In my t-distribution table, I don't see an area in one tail of .04 since they use standard values such as .005, .01, .025, .05 and .10. Also the degrees of freedom closest to 84 (if I go to the next highest number) is 90.

How do I determine the .04 number within the standard values shown in the table?

And, am I correct that if my df=84, I use the '90' row of numbers?

Thank you.
Online calculators

Hello sweetsncheese,

You can try an online statistical table.

You can find a free, online statistical table for the t distribution at . The calculator will handle a significance level of 0.04 and degrees of freedom equal to 84.

The same web page includes three sample problems that show how to solve t distribution problems. More sample problems and additional explanation of the t distribution can be found at .

Good luck.


thanks , dear Harvey Berman
that site was very good.
and dear sweetsncheese
your answer is -1.772, but if i said you use statistical software , it was for t -value computing.

Best regards
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