I am struggling to work out how I should analyse my data. My current thinking is that a chi squared test of independence will work, however only if the data I have can be set out in the correct format. I am testing 2 IV's that are varied within each trial randomly, where each trial has a cue IV with 2 levels (top or bottom) and cue congruency IV (congruent or not-congruent). My DV is the location of the product clicked (categorical with 2 levels: top or bottom). I am also using a repeated measures design as each participant experiences trials with all combinations of the IVs over the experiment and are not split into any groups.
My question is: Is it okay for me to input my data into SPSS where each trial completed (64 per participant, multiplied by number of participants) takes up a row. This is the only logical way of setting the data out that I can think of (as each column then has the combination of IVs experienced in that trial, for that participant). However, I am worried that as each participant is involved in 64 trials, that the rows of data may no longer be independent.

Please help!!