Determining significant difference in mean ratings between two products

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I have gathered 180 respondents and asked them to rate two products (so each respondents rates both products). The only difference between the two products is that one product has an extra feature and the other does not. Now I want to know whether there are significant differences between the mean ratings of both products, in order to determine whether there is a statistically significant effect of this feature on rating. What is the best way to test this, using SPSS?

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Thanks for you quick respons! Respondents were asked to rate both products on a scale ranging from 1 - 100 where 1 indicated a low preference and 100 indicated a high preference. Hope this additional information is sufficient.




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If we can assume this as an interval scaled variable (I guess we can), then you could use the
dependent samples t-test to compare the mean response between the products.

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