Discontinue scores?

Any assistance on the following problem would be appreciated. Would using a t-test be best? The problem is calling into question the variation of scores and standard deviation. There is the probability that a couple/or few scores may have been very low thereby pulling the mean down and not really reflecting class performance. Thanks for the help

A particular resource class must perform at a level consistent with the rest of the school to avoid being discontinued. On the first quarter statewide test, the mean score of the school was 78. The 14 students in the resource class had a 71.86 mean test score and a 17.52 standard deviation. The district informs the principal that the class should be discontinued because the average is below that of the rest of school. Is this reasonable or does the principal have evidence to support an argument against this decision?
  1. Which statistical test would you use?
  2. Give a brief one-sentence statement that led you to choose that test.
  3. Provide your null (H0) and alternative (Ha) hypothesis.
  4. Perform the test.
  5. What is your statistic?
  6. Which value are you comparing it to (critical value)?
  7. What decision does this inform you to make?
  8. Write a one or two sentence conclusion.
  9. What limitations or other considerations would you point out for this study?


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