Discrete or Continuous?

On my homework the following problems were giving me trouble as to whether or not these are discrete or continuous?

The number of tails that appear when tossing three coins.-Discrete
The distance driven to a friend’s house.-Continuous
The number of students in statistic's class at local community college. -Discrete

Are my answers correct?
Can we interpret the distance driven to a friend's house as a discrete set, eventhough theoretically it is continuous ?

Consider the set with minimum value 0 and increased by the least count of the instrument
using to measure the distace. Eventhough the set contains infinite no. of elements, it will not be continuous and the outcome of the above experiment will be always any one of the values from the set.


TS Contributor
On that regard then, all continuous measurements could be considered discrete, as dictated by the available precision of the measuring instrument.....