Dissertation confusion!

Hi there guys, i'm new so hopefully i'll get enough information down here for you, any questions then just ask!

Ok so here's the deal... i'm a third year student working on my dissertation at the moment in cyberpsychology, more specifically looking at some of the factors that may effect a person's decision to go onto a dating website or a social networking site.

My study is therefore examining and comparing:
Gender (male/female)
Age (18-25, 26-35, 36-45)
Website (dating/social networking)
Extraversion (3 different extraversion measures)

Basically i've analysed it already with SPSS and was just wondering firstly what the technical name for it would be (e.g. a four-way mixed ANOVA with 3 between participants factors? or something?) that i should put down as my discription for it.

And secondly, i have read that it is possible for me to work out the power of my stats and therefore how many more participants i would need to get a significant result (i have a relatively small sample, around 70 in total), i have also read up on this and have got software G*power to help me with it but because i've done an unusual four-way ANOVA there is no instructions for which numbers to input and what setting to put it on.

Any help or clarification here would be awesome, as i find it very difficult to get my head around statistics, and after three days of reading stats books on this area i'm still non the wiser... it seems the more i read, the more confusing it is!

Thanks in advance... any questions and i'd be happy to answer them if i know!