Does SPSS VIF take into account multicollinerity involving intercept?

I am trying to find out whether multicollinearity involving the intercept is taken into account in SPSS' calculation of the VI in the REGRESSION procedure. I was unable to find an explanation in the official SPSS resources as to how SPSS calculates the VIF.

The Command Syntax reference only states the following:
COLLIN - Collinearity diagnostics(Belsley et al., 1980). COLLIN includes the
variance-inflation factors (VIF) displayed in the Coefficients table, and the
eigenvalues of the scaled and uncentered cross-products matrix, condition indexes,
and variance-decomposition proportions displayed in the Collinearity Diagnostics

From the SPSS output in the table with eigenvalues/ condition indices and variance de-composition, I conclude that these statistics, the intercept is taken into account.

However, I am not sure whether the same is true for the VIF. Cohen, Cohen, Aiken and West (2003) state on p. 425 that "VIF, tolerance and the condition number in most statistical packages do not take multicollinerity involving the intercept into account", but they do not provide further information on the specific packages.

Many thanks for your help,