End of semester assignment


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4. According to the American Psychological Association, members with a doctorate and a full-time teaching appointment earn, on average, $51,500 per year, with a standard deviation of $3000. An investigator wishes to determine whether $51,500 also describes the mean salary for all female members with a doctorate and a full-time teaching appointment. Salaries are obtained for a random sample of 100 women from this population, and the mean salary equals $50,300.

b) If this hypothesis test supports the conclusion of salary discrimination against female members, a costly class-action suit will be initiated against American colleges and universities. Under these circumstances, what alpha level would you recommend?

c) Measure the effect size.

Got part A figured out, but I'm not sure where to start with b) or c). I calculated z score of -4 for b), but I can't figure out if it's even important. Or would that be c) ?

Yikes. Thanks for your help, all.