Evaluate multiple repeated measurements (lots of measurements)

In my research, in which I examined the change in blood pressure according to the treatments applied (2 treatment groups, 1 control group), I obtained 180 measurements for each individual (33 participants were found in each group) in a total of 2 months. How should I go about evaluating these metrics? I plan to use RM ANOVA or linear mixed model. However, I am confused about the correct approach for such a large number of repeated measurements. Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions.


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Could you tell us something about the research topic and the research questions? What exactely do you want to find out?
And weren't there any study-drop outs during the 2 months?

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To summarize;

3 Treatments: 33 placebo (control), 33 drug X, 33 drug Y.
•Evaluation based on blood pressure measured at study end (8 weeks).
-->2 people from the placebo group, 1 person from the drug x group, and 2 people from the drug y group left the study.

–Do all three treatments have approximately the same effect?
–Is the drug Y better than placebo?
–Is the drug Y as good as drug X?
–Is it possible that the effect of treatment is different at different times?