Experimental Design Assignment

I have an assignment that I can't solve in/with R
I don't give the whole problem statement, but only the details that are of concern

The objective of the study is to assess the ecacy of X (as compared to the reference treatment with SCALA). In this study 24 hills with grapevines are at our disposal. Each hill is subdivided into 4 horizontal areas.This gives 24 4 = 96 experimental plots that may be included in the study. Note that on a hill,the (horizontal) position of the experimental plot can a ect the response variable as well.

The response variable Y is the disease severity and there are 2 factors of interest:
 1) the treatment X1 with 2 levels (SCALA or treatment X);
 2) time before harvest X2 with 2 levels (4 or 10 weeks);
and there is a blocking factor B1 with 24 levels (the hill) and a blocking variable B2 with 4 levels (the horizontal position on the hill, which is not nested within hill).

Now the assignment is to set up a design for the experiment, Select a statistical model, and set up a simulation experiment and examine the properties of the design

Can someone help or get me started with this ? :)