Expression Data Analysis

So I have two genes and 5 different lung tissue samples in 5 different conditions: 2 are cancerous, 2 are non-cancerous tissue neighbouring, and the last tissue sample is just the "normal" expression level of these two genes.
I obtained my data from the expression atlas, which doesn't list the standard deviation, so I only know the expression level (which is numerical data) and the number of replicate values.

I want to find out if my two genes are significantly upregulated/downregulated in 4 different tissue types compared to the 1 control. I have tried a few tests on PRISM, but I am having difficultly with not knowing the SDs, or just comparing the mean of one genes expression to the other- which isn't useful. I don't know which statistical test to use, or if this is even possible not knowing the SDs.

Please help me, thank you