Factor Analysis

I would be very grateful if you can help. I'm trying to adapting an existing scale to my culture for my thesis. The original scale has 3 sub-dimensions, that is, 3 factors were required in my factor analysis too. But when I did the analysis, I saw that the scale did not work. That's why I decided to use only one sub-dimension. I put 10 items of that dimension into factor analysis and forced them to 1 factor. KMO test result is .68. Of the 10 items, only 2 items were loaded around .200, while others were high. And the explained variance is 27%. Do you think my application is correct and can I use this scale? Thank you so much in advance.
Can you explain it in simpler terms? Did you use a correlation matrix to see which items were significant, then chose those items and grouped them into one factor? It sounds like you have a unique interpretation of specific items from the scale.