Fifth time: How to delete my account?

I am sorry to spam this website, but seeminigly this is what is needed to achieve the request: the deletion of the account.

Why is it not possible to delete an account on this website? There was same question 10 years ago but nothing has changed. See here:

How do I delete my account? An answer in the link above says "Send a PM to moderators or Administrator." but I do not know who that is. Thank you in advance.


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From what I can tell you created an account just to complain about not being able to delete your account?
@Dason Thank you for your help.

I wonder whether the admin will see this post (my other posts were deleted). To me there should be definitely an easier way to get rid of an unused account than waiting until the admin visits the site and hoping that he/she reads some post on a quite big website. That is frustrating.


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I deleted your other posts. The only way I could previously delete your account is to use our spam fighting tools but that adds you to a database as a suspected spammer which I didn't want to do to you.