Figuring which test to run? please help.

Hi guys, I am a first year statistics students and I'm a bit shaky on the subject. Please help me with the question below. Thanks!


An executive for an advertising company wants to find out whether a new advertisement will be well received in a target area. So he decides to run a study in which he selects 100 households to be approached for their opinions about the ad. He wants to know whether the ad will influence the participants’ decision to buy the product more than the previous ad did.
a) Because the target customers would be aged approximately 35, with those probably interested in the product younger than 20 or older than 50 being very few, the executive wants to find whether the sample he has taken will have the same mean as the expected targets. What test should he run?

b) About 35% of the general population are Republican, 35% are Democrats and the remainder are some other party or don’t vote. He wants the study to be generalizable so he must be sure that his random sample is representative with regard to this variable. What test should he use to find out if the proportions of each type in his sample are representative of the population? ________________________________________________________________
c) He would certainly not want the sample to be disproportionately male or female so once he has his sample, what kind of test would he do to make sure that the sample is representative of the population with regards to gender? _________________________________________________________
d) Next, he would randomly assign each participant to one of two groups, either the new advertisement group or the old advertisement group. Since he would want the intelligence level of his two groups to be similar, to compare the IQ scores of Group I with Group II, which test should he use? _________________________________________________________________
e) To make sure the mean age in Group I equals the mean age of Group II, what test should he run? _________________________________________________________________

f) The researcher then has each group watch the advertisements and asks a series of questions about them. The scores for each person are the averaged to obtain the mean. Which test should he use to determine if the scores for the first group are different than Group II? _________________________________________________________________

g) Then he wants to know if the purchase frequency changes from the week after seeing the advert to two weeks afterward for the experimental group. What test should he use? _________________________________________________________________