Finding Correllation B/W Education & Income



So I've got this research assignment, on finding correlations.
And I've found some data tables on Statscan for free.

My thesis is that those of university education are those of higher incomes, specifically in the $50 000+ range.

I just dont know how to start this though.

I dont know how my data set can relate to finding that as education increases, so does income. I dont know which numbers to enter into excel and then find the regression from. It's all sort of confusing when you look at it. I thought I had it, but I dont anymore.

At first I took the median of the incomes for men aged 15-64 and then the number of people who earn that income...and that works, but then how can I relate that to my thesis of those who have university education are the ones making the big $$.

I've attached the data set that I'm using and they are broken up into Men/Women/Total. If someobody could just walk me through one set of data, I would understand and be able to do the rest on my own.

I was planning to use standard deviation and such, but again, I dont know how it would relate to my thesis.

If you see the attached file, I am mainly focusing on Total Income of adults without disabilities for ages 15-64

and Likewise for the numbers of people ages 15-64 whjo'se highest education attained was high school/college/university.