Finding the probability distribution of a dataset

I have a dataset of 100 numbers. The numbers seem to be random. I wanna find the probability distribution of the dataset. How can I do it mathematically? I would really appreciate a reply.
Thank you

Sujeeth Kumaravel


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What kind of numbers do you have? Continuous, counts, binary?
You can look at the histogram and see if it normal or skewed...


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What you're asking to do is quite broad. Is it possible to choose an exact probability distribution? No - that wouldn't be possible. If you have a list of possible forms of probability distributions then you can choose between them. You can create a density estimate for the probability distribution which might in turn help you decide if you want to try to model it using a parametric form or you could just keep the density estimate as your estimate of the probability distribution directly.

But there are literally an uncountable number of possible probability distributions.
If you have access to minitab, there is an option under 'stats' to use their 'Individual Distribution Identification' to test how different distributions fit your current data