Fixed and random effects

Hi Dears

I have to run analysis for some of my data
i want to do my analysis using MINITAB 18. please guide me how should I run the software. i am new to statistics as i am a biotechnolgist.
what will be the interpretation of the final model.


Not a robit
Your description is vague.

Are you running a multi-level model with both random and fixed effects or curious about the difference between the models?

In addition, there is something also called random intercepts.

Lastly, do you have data clustered within groups or are you referencing repeated measures?
Dear hlsmith thanks for you response
I have multivariables among these i wana to consider one independent as random variable b/c it is important genereally but in multiple regression best model it is not significant. there are both types of independent variables (continous/catagoriacal.
i have run the statistics in MINITAB 18 but just got the result of FIXED effects mean to say that there are no coeffeciietns of randomm variable.

please guide about the process and how should i interpret the results