Formalizing Opinion taking opinion from set of people

Formalizing Opinion taking opinion from set of people

We got a 5 Causes for a problem and asked several people to rank them with the descending order or priority (They can choose NA if they are not sure). This was done since there is no direct way to measure the criticality of each. The table below gives the result.

Is there a way to rank the causes according to the priority taking into consideration of individual’s opinion? (We used to do simple average, but that does not look like the right way)


(Numbers and ranks are only as example, if there is any formal method, please let me know)


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If you are asking can you create a consistant set of ordered values when people disagree on priorities I think formally the answer is no (Arrow in the 50's showed that there is a paradox that makes this impossible but it's been many years since I read it). In the quality literature there are systems to create priorities from customer request, you might look at Critical To Customer or the House of Quality.

Of course I might not understand what you are asking :)
Yes "noetsi",
I am looking for "creating a list of priorities" from people's opinion, where there will be certain degrees of disagrement.
I beleive there must be a way to get these with "degrees of disagreement" as a variable.

Not sure, and still searching. And I shall be grateful if I get an establshed method.

"House of Quality" is one way but that does not give a statistical inference.