Formula Help (warning explicit material)

Ok, i am trying to work the cultural distance between Peru and Denmark for my Thesis.

The formula is:LINK TO FORMULA

Instead of United States the Scores of Peru need be entered.
Peru Scores:Power Distance 64
Individualism 16
Masculinity 42
Uncertainty 87

Denmark Scores:Power Distance 18
Individualism 74
Masculinity 16
Uncertainty 23

Can someone explain how to work this out as i need to do it for 13 more countries:shakehead

I have the answer if anyone manages to work it out as a reference.:tup:

Can anyone help me at all please?
I have been trying to figure out how to use it for the past week and really to work out the scores for my thesis.

Does the sigma mean i need to do the equation 4 times?
Also what does the - Vi: Variance of the ith cultural dimension mean exactly?

Thank you to everyone who helps.