Fractional Factorial Design Question

Does anyone have experience with using fractional factorial designs for psychological research? I'm new to DoE, and I have no guidance except the internet... not too helpful.

Anyhow, I have a practical question about data collection and entry (e.g. minitab)

The question is: if I have 16 experimental conditions in my fractional design, how do I represent response data from multiple participants for each condition (e.g. N = 8).

My current assumption (which may be wrong) is that I simple collect the data for all 8 participants in the particular condition and then take the average - the average score is what I enter into the cell in minitab for experimental condition row..

Then, a second question: can I use the same 8 participants in every single FF experimental condition. Meaning, if I have 16 experimental conditions, does one simple use the same 8 participants in each of the 16 conditions - does that make it sort of like a repeated measures design?

Thanks to anyone who can help!