Frequency of combinations possible

I have an SPSS data set with 500+ respondents and 18 symptoms that they could have.

Each symptom has its own variable Symptom01 = 1 means they have the symptom 1 Symptom02 = 0 means they dont have the symptom 2 etc etc

What I want to know is what combination of 3 symptoms is more frequent in my data set. For example how many people have symptom 1, 5 and 6; how many people have symptom 1, 2 and 3, etc.

I doesn't mean that they only have those symptoms. Theey could have others. I just want to know which group of 3 symptoms is more frequent in my dataset.

Can someone help me?


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Quite likely there isn't any quicker way than just counting them.
However, there are less than 1000 symptom combinations so if you or a friend have basic programming skills it shouldn't take too long to write a short macro with four nested loops using something like vba to run through the lot.
To do it without programming I think you could make 18 17x17 contigency tables (setting a filter every time for x=1, where x is variable n) and then look for the highest number in all of those. Maybe there's an easier way.