[G*Power] MANOVA a-priori power-analysis: N=43 too small?

Dear All,

I would like to determine the sample size a priori for an experimental 3 (high performer - low performer - control group) x 2 (strong egoistic intention - weak egoistic intention) factorial design with two dependent variables. In GPower I have calculated a MANOVA (Special effects and interactions) with the following variables:

Effect size f² (V) = 0.15
alpha err prob = 0.05
Power (1-beta err prob) = 0.80
Number of groups = 6
Number of predictors = 2
Response Variables = 2

I come to a sample size of N = 43, but this seems a little too small to me. Can somebody help me out why?

I am looking forward to feedback, thank you very much!