GLM question

Hi guys,

I have done my GLM model fitting on R and I was wondering if someone could help me with the following question :

What is the probability for a male student to be admitted to department B?

We have to use 'fit1' to answer the above question but I can't quite figure it out....

Any help would be much appreciated.

I have attached a pdf of version of just fit1 results....Dept B seems to be the intercept

the paper just says use fit1 to answer the question...I'm not allowed to run additional R code...
what paper? why are you not allowed? This is a question of understanding the model -- start by writing out the model by hand, each parameter is the log-odds ratio vs. the intercept, yes dept b
I was referring to our HW paper....We are basically given the R code and we have to answer a series of questions....I have never used R before so I'm kind of struggling to interpret the results....

Could you pls tell me what exactly does y <- cbind(admitted, not.admitted). I mean, how do I the interpret the coefficient on say dept C?