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I am MP. I am in an Intro to Statistics class where the teacher is teaching us like we are statistics experts. I am losing my mind. I even lost connection on my first post, so I reposted and now I think I have two of the same question out there, but when I click on "my posts" the connection times out. Wow, I am having a day.

I am mostly here feeling overwhelmed as my final two weeks of class come to a close, but the one project my teacher gave us, he won't even help me. I even sat down with him this morning, to no avail. He is so stubborn and set in his way that I am an expert, and I have never even used statistics until now. This is all too confusing.

Anyway, I am a southern girl, I love to read, swim and play my Nintendo Wii U and Switch.

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Feel free to post your questions. I will let the moderators know about your troubles. There have been a few hiccups on the forum and we are likely going to make some changes in the next 2 months, but until then things may be slightly less than 100%.

You seem pretty animated, I hope the swimming helps release some of your stress.


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You have to consider that your professor, almost certainly better at math than 99 percent of the population to start with, spent at least 6 years in graduate classes to get their PHD then wrote on the topic for years after that. What you consider expert he or she might well consider introductory. Its a problem with all stats classes, the instructor speaking poor English is also common I suspect.
You seem pretty animated, I hope the swimming helps release some of your stress.
I can be. Yesterday no swimming, I hit the firing range to test my new Lethal Lace holster. It is amazing, better than I had hoped.

Looking at your quote you may disagree with my choice of stress relief, but yesterday was a good day. As small as I am I conceal carry. Lethal Lace made my day.

Anywho, I am unable to find my posts. I am not even sure they went through. But I have been having trouble since my computer updated to Windows 10 1703 yesterday, so I have no idea how to fix this mess.

Thank you, hlsmith, I appreciate your time and help.

I've been out for nearly two days sick and now my posts in the help forum are gone. I don't know what's going on, but I am unable to find "my posts" or "threads I've started" and the 'Search' doesn't work. Is something going on with the site?