Graduate Health Care Student would appreciate a little input Please...


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I apologize for this rude intrusion into your evening. I had statistics as an undergrad 25 years ago I had statistics with Dr. Zellacof (taught at Penn, Widner, and Textile). However, now in grad school for health care and I am in a course that is for people with no statistics experience. I think I'd do better with raw data then with trying to interpret these studies. Okay, off to the question.

This is a chart from my textbook and there are three mistakes on the chart, (our instructor told us). I believe it is where there are straight "0.000" in three places. My son just installed Excel 2013, and if I was confused before I certainly am now. Okay, here's the chart, as an attachment. Am I right?

Thank you for your kindness... I've been having a bad day, and my brain is mush.
I apologize again, I'm a liberal arts person.