graphing a 3x2x2 mixed design in SPSS, how?


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I have a 3-way mixed factorial data set. In this study, an experimenter compared three different therapies for quitting smoking; let's say they are X, Y, Z in two locations (Home and Work).
Therapy and location are both between subject variables. Participants were asked to rate their desire to smoke both (pre), and (post) quitting.

I wanted to graph this data in SPSS, so I clicked on:
Graphs -> legacy dialogs -> line

I didn't know exactly what to choose, but I tried both summaries for group of cases and of separate variables.
However, I got stuck in each one of them.

Could you please tell me which option to choose and where to put my variables to make a 3 separate graph for each therapy.

Thank you in advance.. :wave:
its been a while since i used spss, but i'm assuming you're using the GLM (univariate) procedure. If so, there should be an option there to output the graphs for you already.


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Thanks james for helping out..

Yes, I'm using GLM, and as you said it has the plot option, but the problem is that when I produce the graphs from it, it is not flexible in editing the graph besides it doesn't allow showing the error bars!!